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Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique (ART) is the gold standard for soft tissue therapy. In order for the musculoskeletal system to function appropriately tissue quality must be prioritized. Using an efficient testing and evaluation process we identify abnormalities and then address any limitations as needed. This treatment modality is highly sought after by professional and amateur athletes worldwide yet can also be used effectively with all populations.

Neurofunctional Acupuncture

Neurofunctional acupuncture is a pain free form of acupuncture that is purely based on anatomical landmarks and nerve innervations. Insertion sites are complimented with electric stimulation to enhance signaling throughout the body to modulate pain and improve function as efficiently as possible. Whether you are looking to get out of pain quickly or maximize the function of a specific muscle group for performance purposes this modality is a gamechanger.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is the most cutting-edge approach to optimize cellular health. This modality has an enormous effect on pain as it helps maximize mitochondrial function. We use a variety red, violet, and green wavelengths which all influence different components of the electron transport chain. This should not be confused with photobiomodulation (PBM) or red light therapy as this works on an immensely more granular level. The results you will experience with this modality are unparalleled.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Through a thorough testing and evaluation process we identify specific joint dysfunction that may be contributing to pain or limitations in daily activity. This modality is a a great way to relax surrounding musculature and allow for the nervous system to function as it was intended. Chiropractic adjustments can be utilized safely and effectively on all joints of the musculoskeletal system when necessary and appropriate.

Performance Based Mobility (Group Class)

Performance Based Mobility (PBM) is a bodyweight recovery class that focuses on improving general joint health and longevity. Participants will experience a range of stretching, self myofascial release (SMR), and strength training techniques that are a great addition to any active lifestyle. This class can serve as an outstanding warmup, cool down, or standalone session which can complement strength and conditioning, yoga, team sports, etc.

Functional Range Release (FR)

Being able to take each joint through a full range of motion on a regular basis is an imperative part of health and longevity. This modality focuses on differentiating between mechanical tension and nervous system dysfunction. Once a dysfunction is identified a combination of individualized isometric muscle contractions and direction specific manual loading are implemented to elicit remarkable results.

Individualized Supplementation Protocols

We believe that injury or dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system begins on a cellular level. Using proper testing and evaluation we can identify if further testing is warranted and choose the best possible supplementation regimen that will allow for patients to achieve better results in a shorter period of time. Medical grade supplementation in the only option for our patients as we truly believe in a quality based approach to chiropractic care.


Our chiropractic service takes a three-tier approach which focuses on achieving metabolic health, neurological efficiency, and optimal biomechanics. Utilizing this approach allows us to provide the quickest and fastest results to our patients.

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