High quality treatment options at an affordable price!

Plans & Pricing

We have a variety of affordable plans & pricing options to choose from without the hassles of insurance billing, copays, deductibles, or declined reimbursements.  Treatment recommendations are discussed upon the completion of each new patient exam.  Whether you are coming to see us so that you can return quickly from an injury or are looking for affordable ongoing care we have you covered.

Three Incredible Options


Optimization Plan

Consistency wins (best value)!

Treatment Package

Create the roadmap & dominate the journey!

Single Treatment


Optimization Plan ($129/month)

Receive up to four visits every four weeks!


Who is this for? You are the avatar for someone looking to reach their potential.  If you are competing in a sport at a high level you are adamant about getting the most out of your body.  If you are a weekend warrior you value joints and muscles  feeling loose, unrestricted, and uninflamed on an ongoing basis.  In either case, you appreciate a proactive approach to health and stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.


Receive up to four treatments every four weeks.

Discounted Medical Grade Supplementation

Additional visits are $30

Treatment Package

6 Visits/$300


Who is this for?

You just had an injury like an ankle sprain and want to get back to the field quickly.  You believe in the modalities we are using and realize that multiple treatments will yield the best results.  You want a thorough re-evaluation process and feel confident in the next steps.


All packages expire after 6 weeks 

Single Treatment ($75)

An affordable and flexible choice.